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If you have any trouble completing the application form please contact our team via email (info@letzlive.org) who will be able to assist you.

Our application form consists of five unique stages. Your application will automatically save once each stage is completed. Please ensure that you complete the application carefully as you will not be allowed to navigate back to the previous steps. Once the application and payment have been submitted, you will need to contact our team to make any changes / updates to your application. If you've had a sibling apply for our program please ensure you use your own email address.

ATTENTION: South African Residents seeking Gap Year placements in the UK - Click here before applying!

ATTENTION: Australian / New Zealand Residents seeking Gap Year placements in the UK

You need to know the current state of access to the UK before you apply for your gap year. Owing to a very recent change in interpretation of certain UKVI (boarder agency) regulations, a UK gap-year experience isn’t possible for those under 18 on the date of travel, unless you hold a UK ancestry (blood grandparent or closer born in the UK) OR have access to an Irish passport.

Because we, as an organisation, are not reliant on the “charity” visa, we can continue to offer a very large number of placements in the UK to those over 18 (on the date of travel), and to those with UK ancestry. So keep the applications flowing in.

But all is certainly not lost for the younger applicants, as we have procured a good number of gap placements in Thailand (for both 6 and 12 months), and these are open to all ages (from 17).

The status of visas to the UK is still an uncertain area, and we will update you as soon as there is any news of a more definitive way forward.

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ATTENTION: South African Residents seeking Gap Year placements in the UK

UK Gap Year

Of course, we love receiving applications from South Africans and have been able to offer great Gap Years for many in the UK. Very recently the UKVI (the border agency) has unexpectedly changed its interpretation of certain regulations governing access to the UK for South African gap assistants. Currently, UK positions are only available to those:

  1. Your grandparents were born in the UK
  2. You have a British passport
  3. You can obtain an Irish passport"

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